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Integrate Pixlr Services!

Pixlr provides an API to empower third-party developers to integrate Pixlr's robust editing capabilities into their own applications, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of creative tools and solutions.


The Pixlr API offers a variety of capabilities to seamlessly integrate our powerful applications into your own software.

With the ability to embed Pixlr Applications, you can provide your users with a fully featured image editing experience right within your platform. Alternatively you can integrate with Pixlr Applications using a simple FORM based server-side API.

This API empowers developers to enhance their own applications with Pixlr's advanced image editing features, expanding the possibilities for creating visually stunning content.

There are two main ways of leveraging the Pixlr Applications, using the JavaScript library to embed any of the Pixlr Applications into your client side progam.

One can also integrate the Pixlr Applications by having them open one of your already hosted images and then save them back using standard HTTP POSTs.

Request limits & Cost

You can make use of the API and enjoy its capabilities without incurring any charges. Pixlr allows users to make up to 1000 API requests per month at no cost. If you require additional requests beyond the monthly limit, Pixlr offers flexible pricing options to cater to your specific needs.

AI Credits

When it comes to utilizing the AI features of the Pixlr API, it's important to note that these functionalities consume credits. These credits are deducted from the API user's account, rather than from the end users of the product.

API Credentials

To utilize the Pixlr API, you are required to obtain an API access key and secret.

These credentials can be obtained by creating an account on the Pixlr website and accessing the "My Account" section. Once logged in, navigate to the Developer section where you can generate your unique API access key and secret.

These credentials are used to generate a token that serves as your authentication mechanism when making API requests and ensure the security and authorization of your API usage.

Example Application

Check out the example application's source code for practical insights into Pixlr API integration for both embedding and server-side integration. Note that this example is for illustrative purposes, and you can adapt the code to your specific use case.