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Integrate Pixlr Services!

Pixlr provides an API to empower third-party developers to integrate Pixlr's robust editing capabilities into their own applications, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of creative tools and solutions.

Integrate Pixlr Applications server-side

Integrating Pixlr Applications server-side allows you to interact with Pixlr's powerful image editing capabilities by using simple HTTP methods.

This integration method involves passing an JWT token to the Pixlr Application of your choice.
When the user saves the edited image, the Pixlr Application will save the image back to the server using a simple HTTP POST request.

Quickstart example

  1. Make sure you have an API key and secret.
    An API key and secret can be created under the Developer tab in My Account.

  2. Make sure you can generate a JWT token.

    Generate your token with the following payload.

  3. Redirect the page to a Pixlr Application, make sure to pass your JWT token in the token query parameter.
    Like so: https://pixlr.com/editor/?token=eyJhbGc...gYAUKKg
  4. Be ready to receive a POST with a form encoded with multipart/form-data on the endpoint you defined in saveUrl.

    The POST will only contain one field called file, which is the file the user has saved.